When you buy a car you can touch it, you can see it, you can feel it.

But services are unseen and in fact services are only promises to do something.

Very rarely services have labels with exact price - you are promised to determine it later. At that moment you are not sure that you'll wish and be able to pay the price you finally hear.

Usually it's immediately seen if the goods are not of proper quality. But with services it's much more complicated. Did your attorney give you an advice of the highest quality?

When you buy a car, you rely on some tipical standarts of car making. But it's impossible to make standart procedure for advocate's work.

And again: the car was made somewhere far away by people you don't know. But services are usually rendered by someone you've met or at least spoke on the phone. So if attorney doesn't do what he promised, it can be considered as a personal insult.

All these things makes services completely different form goods. Especially when you choose an advocate whose advices would change your life.

When you choose attorney and can't rely on help of your friends, first thing to look at it's questions he asks you about your case.

Second - promises he makes. If an attorney says that you have 100% winning case or that he can win it - it should sound like an alarm bell for you.

And third - how does he behave in the process. If your representative answers: "I leave it to judge discretion", this should be a cause to think: whose intersts does this guy really protect?

From my point of view there can be only two ways of participating in proceedings: whether you rule it or whether it's ruled by someone else. You choose.




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